Engels Verfspeciaalzaken in Amsterdam
Engels Verfspeciaalzaken in Amsterdam
Engels Verfspeciaalzaken in Amsterdam
Engels Verfspeciaalzaken in Amsterdam

Paint from floor to ceiling

Save time and money with Engels Paint Specialists. You are always better off with the best quality paint, original undercoat and mixing pastes. Our manufacturers guarantee sustainability in lifespan and protection. This allows you to simply skip all the unnecessary steps and treatments.

Wall paint

At Engels, you can choose from a wide range of wall paint. Each type has its own unique characteristics:

Gloss, wet abrasion resistance, cover, coverage, colour and durability.

Discover numerous premium brands at our shops: Sikkens, Sigma, Flexa, Pure and Wijzonol.

Floor and concrete paints

Planning to paint your floor? For a comprehensive range, drop by our paint shop in the centre of Amsterdam.

Engels has its own floor paint, which we can mix in the exact colour you want. We have both turpentine and water-based types. Giving your floor non-slip properties is also one of the possibilities. For larger projects, we would gladly provide you with sound advice on the spot in order to avoid disappointment. The options also include double-component systems.

Private label paints

Engels offers you a complete range of private label paints at very competitive prices, of course.

Customised aerosols

Engels can fill a spray can with almost every finish. Useful for objects which are difficult or impossible to reach with a brush or paint roller.

Colour service

Our paint specialists use modern mixing machinery to create original base paint in your desired colour with original, manufacturer-guaranteed, mixing pastes.

Unable to find your colour in our wide range? We will then simply mix the desired colour in the desired quantity. On the basis of a sample we can make a so-called hand colour, if desired. Now that’s pure craftsmanship.

Drop by our paint shop in the centre of Amsterdam



Boat varnish

Engels has the entire range of Nautical boat varnishes in stock for you.

This brand was developed by Akzo Nobel and is very competitively priced

akzonobel nautical

Undercoats & primers

A complete range of undercoats and primers on both synthetic and water basis?  English. Adhesion to virtually any surface? In case of doubt, we will create a sample for you to make sure that the adhesion is optimal. 

We would be happy to advise you at one of our shops.




Throughout the year, Engels offers highly competitive specials. Do you have our loyalty card yet? This will give you an additional discount on top of the existing special offers.



Paint supplies

Engels' paint shops have a wide range of brushes, rollers and other paint supplies. This enables us to always recommend the right brush or roller. Good materials are crucial for achieving optimal results. Of course, these items are very favourably priced.

Engels Verfspeciaalzaken
Elandsgracht 93-97
1016 TS Amsterdam
Tel. 020 6 26 30 30
E-mail: info@deverfspecialisten.nl


Maandag   09:00-18:00
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Engels Verfspeciaalzaken
Van Hallstraat 290-292-294
1051 HM Amsterdam
Tel. 020 6 82 49 06
E-mail: info@deverfspecialisten.nl


Maandag  08:00-17:00
Dinsdag  08:00-17:00
Woensdag  08:00-17:00
Donderdag  08:00-17:00
Vrijdag  08:00-17:00
Zaterdag  09:00-17:00

Bij de Van Hallstraat kunt u gratis parkeren op ons terrein.


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Sample service

Besides the wide range of colour samples from brands like Sikkens, Flexa, Pure and Wijzonol. Engels has its own exclusive range of white tones. Request our hand-painted A3 samples of these colours.

De verfspecialisten van Amsterdam